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Anveo Delivery App

With the Anveo Delivery App, you capture the entire delivery process digitally. The drivers get mobile access to all the delivery related information they need from Dynamics.

Please note, that this description only applies to the base configuration of the Anveo Delivery App. You might be using a customized version of the Anveo Delivery App.

Edit Start Location for Route

The Edit My Location Panel allows the driver to choose between a custom location or my location from where he will start the routing for his deliveries. If My Location  is selected the start point of the route is the current location of the device based on the GPS signal of the device. After selecting a Custom Location the driver can define a custom address to start his routing from by entering information about address, post code and city.

Working with Deliveries

When selecting the Deliveries icon the list of orders to be delivered opens. The orders are sorted in the sequence they should be delivered in.

The sequence the orders are going to be delivered in is expected from Dynamics. The Anveo Delivery App is not doing route optimization.

Navigate to single delivery

By using the long press you can display the route to the shipping address of this particular order in Google Maps.

Display route to all deliveries

By using the Show Delivery Route action from the menu or pressing the map button you can navigate to all open deliveries in the list of open Delivery Orders. The sequence of delivery is expected to be predefined in Dynamics.

Delivery information from back office

If additional information regarding the delivery exist a red note is shown stating Delivery Information Available. Via a long press on the order, you can access this delivery information. The comments displayed here are the comments stored in the comments action on the Sales Order Page in Dynamics.

The Long action is a swipe to the left on iOS, a long press on Android and a right click on Windows.

Delivery not possible

If the delivery of the order is not possible you can cancel the delivery by using the Delivery not possible action on the long press of the order. After pressing the action, you have the possibility to place a comment regarding to why the delivery was impossible and then abort the delivery. The order will then disappear from your list of open deliveries and return to the backoffice to be reassigned.

Adapt Quantity shipped

You have the possibility to adapt the Quantity to Ship if you can’t deliver the full quantity of the item to be delivered. The reason for that could be, that some items are missing, damaged or broken. On the long press of the line to be delivered you have the possibility to store comments for the backoffice to describe, why the quantity has been adapted. The Add Pictures option also gives you the possibility to document damages or faults of the delivery with the camera of the device.

Return of goods by customer

In the menu of the “Delivery Page you have the possibility to capture returns such as pallets or other return packages via the action Capture Return Line . Since handling returns is a quite individual process also depending on what kind of returns are handled the Anveo Delivery App creates a note line to give you the possibility to capture the information about what has been returned. This information should then be handled by the backoffice.

Delivery to a GPS location

There might be cases, where you want to tag a specific GPS location of delivery. This might be the case, when delivering large items or delivering to a construction site. For this scenario you have the possibility to use the action “Save on the “Delivery. With this action the current GPS location of the device is stored with the delivery in longitude and latitude.

Please note, that this functionality can only be used if the Anveo Mobile App can access GPS information of the device. The accuracy of this information is depending on the GPS information available on the device.

Finish delivery

After successful delivery you have the possibility to capture the signature of the customer with the action “Capture on the “Delivery Page. This action can also be accessed via the clipboard button on the bottom of the page. From the menu you may create a “Shipment to display to the customer the delivery he is signing. This document can also be sent to the customer via e-mail.

By using the action Order Delivered you have the possibility to finish the delivery of this order. This action can also be accessed via the checkmark button on the bottom of the Page. You will rceive a warning, if no customer signature has been captured yet. After confirming the delivery the order will disappear from the list of open deliveries and flagged to the backoffice as delivered.

The Anveo Delivery App in Dynamics

The Anveo Delivery App is based on Sales Orders in Dynamics. Sales Orders should be assigned to the driver and routed from the backoffice. This can either be done manually or via a routing add-on for Dynamics. The driver is identified as a warehouse location in Dynamics.

The Anveo Delivery App may also be based on Posted Sales Documents. This adaptation to the app will have to be customized within a project.

Delivery cars and warehouse locations

The assignment of orders for delivery is done by assigning the Sales Order to a delivery vehicle represented by a warehouse location in Dynamics. Linking the delivery vehicle to a warehouse location will later give you the possibility to move items to this warehouse location for delivery and be able to view the stock of items to be delivered on a certain vehicle.

Processes around using the car as a warehouse location and moving stock will have to be customized within a project.

Schedule an order for delivery

To schedule an order for delivery the Delivery Vehicle Code has to be filled with the corresponding warehouse location, the Mobile App Status has to set to Assigned and a Delivery Sequence No. must be chosen. These values can be set manually or by an route optimization add-on.

Delivery related information from the Anveo Delivery App

When delivering the driver is filling the Quantity to Ship field on the Sales Lines. Return Lines will be created as Sales Lines of type blank. All the information related to the whole delivery such as signature and GPS Location are stored on the Sales Header or with relation to the Sales Header. Information related to an item to be delivered such as a picture of a damaged package are stored in relation to the Sales Lines.

The follwing informations from the Anveo Delivery App are stored in Dynamics:

  • GPS Location – stored in Sales Header in fields ACF Delivery Latitude (Table 36 Field 5327204) and ACF Delivery Longitude (Table 36 Field 5327205)
  • Signature – stored in Sales Header in field ACF Signature (Table 36 Field 5327200)
  • Pictures – stored in table ACF File Repository (Table 5327186)
  • Comments – stored in table Comment Lines (Table 44)
  • Delivery Status – stored in Mobile App Status (Table 36 Field 5327202)
  • Return Line – stored as Sales Line (Table 37) of type blank
  • Quantity Shipped – stored in the Quantity to Ship (Table 37 Field 18)

Posting the delivery in Dynamics

After delivery the Anveo Delivery App sets the Mobile App Statusof the Sales Order to Delivered. The Sales Order can then be posted by the backoffice. If there are still items to be shipped the Sales Order may be reassigned.