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Anveo Service App installieren

This installation describes the Anveo Service App installation in the current version for Business Central Online and for OnPrem installation of type „Anveo AB“. The overview of different types of Anveo installations is available on the manual page System Requirements.


There are a few prerequisites that must be met before an installation. These are described in this section. Subsequently, the creation of a service order is described, as it becomes visible in the Anveo Service App.

License requirements

The Microsoft Dynamics service solution requires the „Premium Edition“ of Business Central. If you currently only have the smaller, „Essential Edition“ licensed, please contact your administrator or Microsoft Partner to purchase an appropriate license. (As of October 2022).

Setting the „User Experience: Premium“

If the Microsoft Dynamics license is already a „Premium Edition“, the „User Experience“ in the company data („Company Information“) must be set to the value „Premium“.

Service module setup

For the Anveo Service App to function properly, the service module must be set up in Microsoft Dynamics. This is usually done by your supporting Microsoft Dynamics partner. Here, the service management setup is configured with e.g. number series and Service Resource Zones.

Whether the service module is configured can be checked at these two pages, for example:

Page “Service Management Setup”

This page should contain configured values, especially the number series for service orders.

Resource Service Zones

The Resource Service Zones page should be defined so that the mapping of service technicians (resources) and “services zones” can be established.

Alternatively, a CRONUS demo data environment can be imported in a sandbox environment: The procedure is described in the next section.

Import sample data into Business Central

Most Microsoft Dynamics evaluation environments do not include a setup for the Service module. If you would like to test the Anveo Service App in a sandbox environment with CRONUS demo data, there is an easy-to-install advanced demo environment.

Important: This installation should only be done for sandbox environments with CRONUS demo data and should never be performed in the live system. In production environments, please perform the manual setup of the service module with your Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

Depending on the Dynamics version and localization, the list of predefined packages will offer different packages/names. Please choose the „Extended“ package.

The number of tables and records might be different depending on the localization and Dynamics version. Once the import is complete, the two setups described above (Service Management Setup and Resource Service Zones) can be checked to see if data is now included.

Installing the Anveo Service App

The Anveo Service App is installed in Business Central Online via App Source. OnPrem installations receive the extension from Anveo for download.

The installation is started via the „Anveo Mobile App Setup Wizard“.

First, an Anveo instance is created, which is required for communication between the Anveo Mobile App Client and Business Central.

The installation process of creating an Anveo Mobile App Instance is described in this manual for an installation in BC Online (Anveo A1).

Then, the Anveo Service App is installed and configured. If you do not see this screen yet, please run through the installation manual of the Anveo Instance above.

You may install the Anveo Service App with default settings first. If you want to make changes on this configuration, you may re-run the Anveo Setup Wizard again and change these values later. The details of the configuration values are explained in the tool-tips.

On this page, you will create an Anveo User. Please connect this with a Dynamics user and select a suitable resource.

More information about „Service Zones“ and their assignments to Resources and Debtors is described later in this manual. If haven’t set this up yet, you may select a non-suitable resource at this time and configure the „Service Zones“ an their assignments later.
If you have downloaded a pre-defined CRONUS demo environment, you may already find suitable resources.

After creating an Anveo Service demo user, you will see the installation result:

Please find more information about different ways of creating Service Orders for the Anveo Service App in the chapter below, either using Dynamics or using the app.

If the Anveo Service App is not working as expected yet, further configurations may be required in your Microsoft Dynamics environment. Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner of Anveo Support. With pleasure, we are looking forward to assist you.

Creation of a service order

The Anveo Service App allows the creation of a service order directly in the app. This is useful for ad-hoc service requests, so that the service technician can react independently and flexibly. However, very often the service appointment for maintenance or repair at the customer is scheduled in advance. Scheduling service orders is possible in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but it is kept very simple in the standard. In this section, we explain how to create a service order so that it is visible in the Anveo Service App as a scheduled service order. For better scheduling, we recommend using the „Dime Scheduler“ from the company „Dime Software„. This offers a graphical planning solution.


First the service module must be set up – see section above.

Setting up the „Service Zones“ and „Resource Service Zones

Note: If you do not find these pages in Microsoft Dynamics, the license or the „User Experience“ is not yet set to the „Premium Edition“.

The Anveo Service App works with „Service Zones“ as an assignment of resources to a zone, and an assignment of a zone to a customer.

Creation of a service order

Create a new service order for a customer that has a „Service Zone“ assigned to it.

Creation of a line with a service item or an item:

Scheduling the service order: Assigning the row to a resource with a time specification. This can be done with a graphical planning board via the Dime Scheduler.

A resource should be selected that is responsible for this customer in the „Service Zone“.

The Anveo Service App supports scheduling at the hourly level, allowing the Start Time and End Time columns to be displayed via personalization.

The service order that has now been created and scheduled can now be found in the Service App under „My Service“.