Anveo EDI Connect Version 3.00.36 Released

Anveo EDI Connect Version 3.00.36 Released

We are happy to announce the new release 3.00.36 of our Anveo EDI Connect solution. Before updating, please have a look at the upgrade notes in the documentation.

Attention: This version ships with new version of the Remote Components. If you are using the FTP, SFTP or E-Mail functionality you have to update the remote components. There are quite some changes to the components. Please make sure to test the new components, before upgrading any live environment.

You can directly update from any version greater than 1.47.28. But if you’re skipping releases, make sure to have a look at their release notes as well.


  • [Bug] Introduced by 3.00.35: Upgrade/rebuild used file from last conversion instead of asking the user which file should be processed
  • [Feature] SSH support for private key authentification
  • [Minor Improvement] Add card action to EDI Linked Documents
  • [Minor Improvement] Better card lookups for sales header / purchase header from EDI Linked Documents
  • [Minor Improvement] EDI Linked Documents added missing lookup to sales shipment table
  • [Minor Improvement] Show additional confirm message before deleting Mapping Header
  • [Minor Improvement] [EDIFACT] Change language table to windows language table for descriptions
  • [Change] Search user language based on table windows language instead of language
  • [Bug] Missing options in System Document Source in EDI Document Line

* The changelog does not have to be complete. The release might contain preparations for future versions.