Anveo Client Suite Version 11

Anveo Client Suite Version 11

On this page you will find all information about the release of Anveo Client Suite Version 11.

What’s New Webinars

To get an impression of the new features, please visit our webinars announced at the following pages:





Release Dates

Due to a large new feature set, Anveo Client Suite Version 11 is published in several stages.

Version Release Date: 13. January 2020

All server components are available for download in the Anveo Partner Portal. FOB and Extension objects and installation documentation. This version supports most of the new feature set: “Web View”, Setup Assistant and the new Anveo Server structure.

iOS App Update: Available since 14. January

The new Theming features and the new icon set is available with an app update if you are still running on a previous version.

With this update, the new demo environment will be available for iOS devices including charts and diagrams and the new design.

Android Update: 16. January (expected)/Windows App Update: Available since 14. January

The new icon set will be available with a smaller app update.

The “Theming Feature” is still in development and requires more time. We expect a release until Q2 2020.

Demo Accounts

If you want to see the new features of the version in action, please connect to our demo accounts. There are four accounts available: Sales App and Service App, each one in English and German.

After the first app download, the app shows all four accounts in the list. Just click on your favorite account and download the example. If you have already connected to another live or test system, you may not see these accounts.

Please connect to at least one new demo account and you will see all four accounts in the list:
anveonav://sales_en:[email protected]:7020
Port: 7020 (default)
User names (English): SALES_EN and SERVICE_EN
User names (German): SALES_DE and SERVICE_DE
Password: demo

Alternatively, scan the following bar code:

Sales App Demo Account Englisch


The core installation documentation, the new Anveo Script commands, the webinar and running examples in the “BASE-App” for the new features are available with the release date. To get a detailed description of the new commands, we will continuously update and improve the documentation. As soon as we publish new articles, we will list them here.