Anveo Mobile App – new “App Builder” Release Version 12

Anveo Mobile App – new “App Builder” Release Version 12

Our team has been working hard on the new 12 release, which once again brings a host of valuable new features and improvements.

Please find an overview of the news and changelog below.

New Features

  • New: “App Features“-Wizard
    Easily configure the desired app features in one place as a short questionnaire. The new “App Features” are available to partners who need a roll-out of their apps to multiple clients with one Anveo Mobile App codebase. In this Extension, you will find the “App Features” toolkit to build an easy-to-configure solution. We will publish an updated version of the Anveo Sales App using the “App Features” shortly.
  • New: Precalculation added
    If you would like to provide a very fast synchronization experience for your mobile app users, and if you expect a larger data update in Dynamics (and in the synchronization process), you can pre-calculate a synchronization to speed up the sync time for the mobile user.
  • New: Language Excel Export/Import added
    Easily export and import all open translations for another language to one Excel-file.
  • New: ANVEO BASIC Permissionset grants rights needed to write to the “Delta Service Change Log” and read the “Change Log Settings”, needed for Dynamics Users working with tables that are being tracked.

Technical Fixes

  • Fixed: Script editor performance improved for larger Anveo Scripts
  • Fixed: Virtual Field and Field Lookup in Synch Package shows no/wrong fields
  • Fixed: Anveo App tables Import/Export menu entries not visible on page
  • Fixed: error during data import that includes Anveo Users
  • Fixed: Data processing Error (“Could not find column name”) after a table has been reloaded in the Delta Service transfer
  • Fixed: Do not set task status to Error Checked after Reload from App
  • Fixed: Change to “Do not send updates to Dynamics” did not trigger an update of the settings
  • Fixed: Delta Service Changelog Filter 
  • Fixed: Tables with autoincrement PK field triggeres reloads in Delta Service Transfer

Technical Updates

  • Update: Performance improvement on sync: upload task data directly from Dynamics reduces web services calls
  • Update: App Events V1 deprecated, use V2 instead
  • Update: Delta Service Transfer stops on critical error to prevent data inconsistencies
  • Update: No rename on App Code validation
  • Update: Manual task processing updated

If you need any assistance on these new features or updates, please contact us at [email protected].