Anveo Mobile App Version 10 Released

Anveo Mobile App Version 10 Released

The Anveo Development team has released Anveo Mobile App version 10 on December 14, 2018. Please find the release for download in Anveo Partner Portal now.

The new release includes a lot of interesting new features like:

  • Always be up to date as background synchronization takes place while you are working
  • Online live query to Microsoft Dynamics of time-critical information, e.g. stock levels
  • Accelerated data entry with editable lists
  • Custom icons and more flexible branding in the main menu
  • New Anveo Script features allow easier development
  • Increased usability through reduced click paths
  • Self-compilable Dynamics objects for versions 2013 to 2018 and BC

If you upgrade from a previous version, make sure to request a new Anveo license before upgrading. Please provide a list of company names you require in your installation. Find more information about the new Anveo license here.

We are looking forward to your feedback. If you need support on the new features or on updating your existing installation, please have a look at our new documentation and knowledge base on this website. Of course, we would like to help you personally if required. Please contact our team at [email protected].