How to register a Microsoft Entra ID Application for the Anveo Mobile App 

How to register a Microsoft Entra ID Application for the Anveo Mobile App 

Who should read this article?

This article applies only to on-premises installations of Microsoft Business Central that use Microsoft Entra ID for authentication.

Register the application

In the Entra ID Overview, open application registrations and click New Registration:

Choose a name for the new application:

The supported account types setting can be left at the preselected value accounts in this organizational directory only.

Add a redirect URI of type web with the value 

Click Register to create the application.

Copy the Client ID 

You will be redirected to the overview page of the new application. In the section titled Essentials, find the value Application (client) ID. Copy and save this value as it will be needed during the setup process of Anveo in Business Central.  

Add the OAuth Landing address of your Business Central system 

Select Authentication and add the OAuthLanding address of your Business Central system as a second Web redirect URI. 

Add the URI and click Save: 

Add a client secret 

Select Certificates & Secrets and click on New client secret 

Enter a description for the new secret and select how long the secret will be valid. Click Add to create the secret. 

Make sure to copy and save the value of the secret now, as it will only be displayed this one time. This value will also be used in the setup process. 

Please note the expiration date and make sure to set up reminders to create a new secret in time and update it in the Anveo Service Setup page in Business Central. 

Add API permissions 

Select API Permissions and click Add a permission

This will open a list of commonly used Microsoft APIs. Click on Dynamics 365 Business Central, then Delegated permissions. Check the box for user_impersonation

Now click on Application permissions. Check the boxes for app_access and API.ReadWrite.All. Click Add permissions. 

The application is now set up. You can use the client id and the client secret to complete the Anveo setup process in Business Central. 

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