New Anveo Mobile App Design

New Anveo Mobile App Design

Our extensive research in many conversations with users has shown that good usability and design have a significant positive impact on efficiency and acceptance. Thus, we at Anveo have been working hard over the last few months to significantly optimize the Anveo mobile app in this regard.

We are proud to present you the new Anveo Mobile App in a brand new design.

The news at a glance:

  • The previous Anveo Mobile App in classic design is available in parallel to the new app and is called “Anveo Mobile App Classic”.
  • We will start with a mid-October 2023 release with the Anveo Mobile App for Windows, followed next by iOS in mid-November 2023 and then Android. The dates will be announced as soon as we can plan them more precisely.
  • We have revised and optimized the new theming to set up the theme, thus a few new theming properties have been added, some are no longer necessary.
  • The existing custom theme, if any, will not be applied until the new Anveo Mobile App detects a new theme in the data. See details here at the bottom of the page.

Please note:
We would like to provide our users with a smooth transition between the Classic App and the new Anveo Mobile App, which is why we have decided to offer both in parallel in the stores for a period of approximately one year. This results in the following recommendations:

1. Plan the switch to the new Anveo Mobile App in good time and check your current solution. We will be happy to support you.

2. Due to the new app, push messages can only be sent to mobile devices in OnPremises environments after an update of the Anveo App Service. We will of course update the Anveo Mobile App Cloud Service automatically.
This is not yet available, so we recommend running the “Classic App” and the new app in parallel in order to receive the push notifications. As soon as the update is installed, the “Classic App” is no longer necessary. The update is usually installed in a few minutes and will be available shortly.

Feel free to follow our LinkedIn channel for Anveo Mobile App – Technical Announcements for more news. Do not miss any news and press the “bell” there to be actively informed about news directly.

New “App Theming”

Activate the “app theme” and new properties

The theme in your database that is already set up will not be applied until the two new properties are present in the “app theme”:


The Content.TileBackground is optionally slightly transparent, so that the transparency can be specified after the RGB color value. If no transparency information is specified, a light transparency is used.

Example: #F9F9F9DD

New “App Theme” Template

The new “app theme” is called T_DAYLIGHT and can be downloaded and imported as a property set here.

Download T_DAYLIGHT-Theme

Feel free to use this as a template for your individual customizations using our Theme Administrator. If you need any assistance, please contact our support team.

Note: The theme is designed to be best used with a darkened background. This can be a darker color area or a darkened image. If you want to use a light background, you should set the following property of the tab font color to a dark font: 


Properties no longer used

With this update we clean up the themes a bit and so the following properties are no longer needed. This accordingly for all 10 “layouts”, not only for layout1.