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Add Anveo Server Account

If you want to connect the Anveo Mobile App to a new system or with another user, click on “Add New Account” in the main screen of the Anveo Mobile App.


Before connecting with a new Microsoft Dynamics system, an installation and configuration of the Anveo Mobile App Extension, the set-up of the Anveo Mobile App Cloud Service or the Anveo Server On-Premises component are required. Please contact us or get in touch with your Microsoft Dynamics Partner or IT administrator to get this information.

Login Information


The account field is either a server name, IP address or Anveo Instance Name. The type will be identified automatically.

Server names and IP addresses must contain at least one dot (.). All names without a dot are identified as type “Anveo Instance Name”. If you want to use a server name without any top level domain (.com or .local), just add a dot at the end.

Examples for server names and IP addresses:
public address:
local address: anveo.mydomain.local
local short address (important: with a dot at the end): myserver.
IPv4 addresses:
IPv6 addresses must be written in square brackets: [2001:db8::]

Example for Anveo Instance Names:

The log-in type using an Anveo Instance Name instead a server name and port is a new feature that has been released in March 2021 and is used for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online environments. In future on-premises releases, this log-in type can also be used for local installations.
The key benefit is to reduce the information required for a login and to simplify the login process. The Anveo Instance Name is a directory services provided by Anveo to map server names and TCP ports to an Anveo Server Instance name.

“Anveo Server TCP-Port”

A port parameter is required if you add a server using a server name or IP-address. The Anveo Instance Name does not require to enter a port number.

User name and Password

Depending on the configuration, the user name is an Anveo User, Windows User or Dynamics User (UserPassword) account in your Microsoft Dynamics system.

Depending on the type of account, please use one of the following syntax. It is important that you use the correct syntax for your login type in order for the login to work.


Direct Link and QR-Codes

After you have installed the Anveo Mobile App on your system, you may provide a direct link for users to simplify the log-in experience. This link may contain all information including a password for demo environments. For live and test systems, a password should not be set.


Anveo Mobile App for for iOS and Windows (since October / November 2023)

anveogroup://[email protected]:port
anveogroup://username:[email protected]:port

Anveo Mobile App Classic for iOS and Windows and Anveo Mobile App for Android

anveonav://[email protected]:port
anveonav://username:[email protected]:port

This URLs can also be published using a QR-code that you can scan with the Anveo Mobile App in the main log-in screen.