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Adding sums to your EDI Document

We have explained in the article about calculations that you can perform basic calculations in your mapping. You could use this feature to sum up all the amounts, line amounts, vat amounts etc. for one posted invoice, in this article we will give you an easier way how to do so.

When you want to export a posted invoice, the structure of your mapping probably contains an invoice header loop and an invoice line loop. In order to automatically sum certain fields, have a look at the properties of the invoice line, in the picture below it’s a sales invoice line:

Some of the properties of the sales invoice line loop

The important property is “Total Fields”: you can define which fields of the sales invoice line are to be summed up, in this case the fields “Amount”, “Amount incl. VAT” and “VAT Base Amount” (and the “Line Amount”, which is cut off in this view). Now EDI Connect will automatically save the sums of the defined fields and you can access them only outside the sales invoice line loop. Therefore you add a new table loop line somewhere below the one for the sales invoice lines and use our buffer table “EDI Document Summary Line”. It is designed to store such summed values for export and import purposes.

If you want to store the value for the vat amount, you need to do the calculation with the values from “Amount incl. VAT” and “VAT Base Amount” as described in the calculation article again.