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Anveo Mobile App Fixed Price Projects

In today’s fast-paced digital age, having a reliable mobile application significantly enhances the user experience, improves the quality of work, and boosts productivity.
Anveo is happy to support you in implementing a Mobile App and even offers the implementation at a fixed price. Benefit from our experience in hundreds of successful app projects and have your application set up by our team of specialists.
Our Anveo Best Practices approach ensures the best possible user acceptance.

Before your project starts

Before the project begins, we conduct a free feasibility review of your mobile app requirements. This review is used to determine whether we can offer your Anveo Mobile App at a fixed price. 

Your project

Detailed technical planning

After a successful feasibility review, Anveo will evaluate if a fixed price implementation is possible. The decision whether a fixed price project can be offered lies solely with Anveo. All involved parties will then jointly define the scope of features for the mobile app.

If the requirements to be implemented are more complex and deviate from the standard set of features, there are two ways in which we can integrate these into the app.

  1. In case of minor deviations from the standard functionality, the implementation can be extended by various additional feature sets. These are also offered at a fixed price. Certain feature sets cannot be offered at a fixed price due to unforeseeable complexity and will be listed accordingly in the official quote. 
  2. If processes deviate significantly from the standard, a fixed price implementation may not be possible. In this case, the mobile app can instead be implemented agilely according to the actual effort.

Installation in your system

In order not to influence an operational live system, we recommend performing the mobile app development in the user’s test or development system.

Implementation of your app solution

Anveo starts app development with one of the Anveo’s base apps: sales, service, or delivery, and customizes this according to the requirements and the pre-defined project scope. This includes app customization, definition of the sync packages, and synchronization management for optimal performance.

Go-Live of your app solution

Once the mobile app is set up and ready for testing, the version from the test system is copied and moved to the customer’s live system. This is rolled out in several test phases, ending with the final go-live with all users.

Know-how transfer to key user

To round things off, key users will receive a brief training ensuring that they are able to work with the new mobile app. This training will include basic functionality as well as administrative tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis to maintain maximum performance.

Implementation requirements

To ensure the successful implementation of the app, certain requirements must be met.

The feasibility review before quotation

Before the offer is made, a free feasibility review takes place, which is conducted exclusively via Microsoft Teams. In order to have an efficient discussion, all Microsoft Dynamics processes relevant to the app must be known. This know-how can be provided by the customer as well as by the Microsoft partner in charge. Anveo reserves the right to refuse a fixed price implementation if processes and requirements are too complex or not clearly defined. In such cases, implementation is only possible based on the actual time and effort required.

Once the processes and requirements for the Anveo Mobile App are offered as part of the fixed-price project, the following conditions must be met. This is to ensure a smooth implementation:

  • Main contact person for the customer and the Dynamics partner.
  • System access to Microsoft Dynamics via RDP and VPN, or without VPN via TeamViewer are to be provided without significant delay.
  • Basis for the implementation is one of the Anveo Mobile Base Apps (Sales, Service, or Delivery App) – an entirely individual Anveo Mobile App is technically possible, but not at a fixed price.
  • Implementation according to the project document, which is created in the planning phase prior to project start.
  • Changing requirements, or any change requests issued during the project, can only be considered at an additional cost.
  • Anveo does not make any amendments to the Dynamics system. This is done by the Dynamics partner or by the customer themselves. Anveo supports the required amendments through consulting.
  • IT infrastructure requirements (firewall, Dynamics services installations, file permissions) must be implemented by the customer or partner.
  • Response time of all involved parties: max. 2 weeks.
  • There is no guaranteed time frame for going live due to high dependencies especially in go-live/test phases.
  • Active participation by users and partners.
  • Acceptance of the project approach specified by Anveo according to the Anveo Best Practices Guide.
  • An Anveo license with a minimum of 5 users needs to be available at the start of implementation. This license comes at an additional cost to the fixed-price project.
  • Please note that Anveo also requires Microsoft Dynamics are also not covered by our offering. Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner for details.
  • Quality Review Plan for 1 year included free of charge, if the package is booked within 4 weeks from the date of the official quote.

If the above-mentioned conditions are not sufficiently fulfilled by the parties involved, resulting in the project becoming significantly more time-consuming, Anveo reserves the right to stop the project. Typical examples include: a lack of cooperation regarding system access, Dynamics customizations, or process planning, changing requirements during the project, or non-compliance with the Best Practices Guide such as go-live without test phases. These are only possible points, and not an exhaustive list.

In the unlikely event that a project is stopped, Anveo will evaluate the project progress up to that point and determine the available remaining time. The percentage will be evaluated by Anveo, and the work can then be continued according to the actual effort remaining. Anveo is released from any obligation of a fixed price implementation. Crediting or reimbursement of the available remaining time is excluded. This will be communicated in writing to all parties involved.

The fixed-price packages are considered prepaid packages, where payment needs to be received before the start of implementation.

We do not leave you on your own: should you require further support or training after handover and completion, these can be booked as additional services.

The English version of this page is the original and is the only legally binding reference. All other languages are translated automatically for convenience and may include linguistic imperfections.

Your Benefits

  • Benefit from our experience in hundreds of app projects
  • Project security provides investment security
  • Scope of project is defined beforehand
  • Best user acceptance thanks to Best Practices
  • Included free of charge: Anveo Quality Review (see implementation requirements)