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Anveo Mobile App “Quick Start”

Anveo offers the “Quick Start Package” for an easy start in deploying a mobile app solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

What is the goal of the Quick Start Workshop?

  • Cost-effective evaluation of the Anveo Mobile App especially with regard to flexibility and feasibility
  • Direct testing on your own system provides more information than theory and presentations
  • Compatibility with hardware and software is checked in advance
  • Specific questions on individual requirements are asked and answered directly to Anveo as the manufacturer.
  • 1 day workshop: Detailed presentation and requirement analysis
  • Or: 1 day service for online training and support in case of questions
  • Expenses for the introduction of the Anveo Mobile App can be estimated after the workshop day.

Components of the Quick Start Package

Online Workshop

In an online workshop, the solution will be presented in detail by an experienced Anveo Mobile App specialist, the feasibility of the desired mobile app solution will be checked and a detailed requirements analysis will be carried out. This serves as the basis for project planning and quotation preparation.

Who should attend the Quick Start Workshop?

At this workshop different groups of people from the company should be present in order to discuss all aspects of a planned mobile solution successfully: Area managers, IT managers and users of the future mobile solution. 1-2 representatives of each group are usually sufficient.

Should the Microsoft Partner of Record participate in the Quick Start Workshop?

The workshop is ideally conducted together with consultants and/or developers of the Microsoft partner of record. This means that desired requirements can be quickly checked for feasibility and the expenditure can also be roughly classified.

Preparation of the Quick Start Workshop

A workshop is much more target-oriented if an internal discussion about the desired solution is held in advance. The question should be answered as precisely as possible, which tasks should be realized with the Anveo Mobile App at the end.

We recommend not to include too many functions at the start of the project, but to always start with a manageable number of services. New functions can of course be added later in further project phases. First of all, it is important that the mobile app is accepted by the users as an easy to use, easy to understand and useful tool.

One workshop day is usually sufficient.

Alternative: Training and Support Hours

As an alternative to the on-site workshop date, 8 hours of Anveo service can be provided which can be used for online training and support services.


Prior to the workshop we install the Anveo Mobile App in a demo environment of the user. This allows users to view the solution directly in the workshop or afterwards with their own data and familiarize themselves with the range of functions. In addition, the desired devices can be tested in detail for ease of use and compatibility.

Requirements for Installation

As part of this Quick Start Package, Anveo provides the service of installing an Anveo Mobile App demo environment.

The infrastructure such as server hardware, mobile devices and necessary licenses must be provided by the user and are a prerequisite for the installation. The installation is usually carried out via online connection using TeamViewer.

For details on the system requirements, see the documentation.

An installation cannot take place until all preconditions are met. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements before the installation date. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact our support.

When is the installation performed?

The installation should ideally be carried out before the workshop date, so that the presentation can also be carried out directly on this demo system. Optionally, the installation can also be carried out after that.

A reasonable investment: Use the demo installation at project start directly for the first adjustments to your requirements.

30 Days Anveo Trial License

The “Anveo Quick Start Package” includes a 30-day Anveo trial license. During this time, users can take a close look at the solution and check the desired functions by installing it on their own demo environment.

How do I order the Quick Start package?

The Quick Start package is ordered from Anveo via the Anveo partner. The order is made by e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Partner company with address and contact person including telephone and e-mail
  • User company with address and contact person including telephone and e-mail
  • Desired date for the workshop
  • Number and functions of participants

We also need some information about the planned solution in advance:

  • Which scenarios should be covered by the Anveo Mobile App?
  • Is Microsoft Dynamics already available?
  • Are the processes for this already available in Microsoft Dynamics?
  • Which devices and which operating system should be used?
  • Planned number of users and go-live

When do I get an appointment confirmation?

A concrete, binding date can only take place when a written, binding order has been placed.

How long are the lead times for an appointment?

Depending on the workload, the lead time for a Quick Start date varies. Please contact Anveo Partner Care at [email protected] for current lead times and preferred dates.

What does the Anveo Quick Start Package cost?

You will receive an offer from your Anveo partner.

Do I make any additional commitments with the Quick Start package?

No. The Anveo Quick Start Test license expires automatically 30 days after the demo environment is deployed. There is no automatic renewal.