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Anveo Statement of Services and Statement of Account Reports

Anveo offers maximum transparency: If you commission Anveo with services, you will receive an e-mail at regular intervals for each project with a statement of services and a statement of account. If a monthly invoice based on actual expenditure is desired, the e-mail also contains the invoice for the invoiced expenditure.

The e-mail recipients will be deposited with Anveo when the order is placed. If you would like to change the e-mail recipients, please inform Anveo’s Partner Support at [email protected].

Statement of Services Report

This report lists all work performed by Anveo with detailed information on date, description and usually also on a ticket number. The ticket number contains a link to the Anveo ticket system, so that all related e-mails can be viewed quickly and easily.

The billing period is usually monthly. Due to the system update in March 2019, the first report for the months of January and February 2019 is put together.

Each task can comprise several work steps, which are documented as independent times. These optionally have a further description of the work carried out with exact details of date, start and end time.

Times are classified as billable and non-billable, so that it is easy to see at the end of the report which services are chargeable and which are free.

Statement of Account

The account statement is a history of orders and consumption. This allows you to view the remaining budget clearly.

If you have bought a pre-paid Anveo Support Package, your Statement of Account will show the remaining budget that has been already posted. You may use this remaining budget for any future Anveo Services.

If the project is billed according to actual effort, the remaining budget shows the authorized number of hours Anveo will work up to. You can send us another order in writing by e-mail at any time and thus increase the permitted remaining budget.

Questions and Objections

Objections to the reports must be addressed to Anveo Partner Support within 14 calendar days, otherwise they will be deemed accepted ([email protected]). Questions regarding the content of the individual positions will be answered directly by the responsible support team.

We hope to be able to offer you a transparent and easily understandable service and look forward to receiving your suggestions and suggestions for improvement.