Frequently Asked Questions / Anveo Mobile App / App cannot connect showing message “remote connection timeout”

App cannot connect showing message “remote connection timeout”


Login to Anveo Server using Anveo Mobile App fails with error message remote connection timeout.


The app does not get any response from Anveo Server. This may be caused by differend reasons:

  • The user has used wrong server name or port.
  • Anveo Server is not started.
  • The central firewall is not set-up properly to do a mapping of the external ip address to the Anveo Server for tcp/http ports used by Anveo Server. Default mapping is 7020 and 7021 tcp.
    Do not set-up a mapping for other ports like 7047 or 8888.
  • The Windows software firewall does not allow incoming communication for these ports (7020 or 7021 by default).
  • A public WiFi does not allow to use these tcp ports.

You will a different error message if a communicaton between Anveo Server and Dynamics web services fails.


  • Test if servername and port is typed correctly.
  • Test firewall settings like described above.