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Byte Order Mark (BOM) in XML Exports

If you export an XML file in a Unicode encoding, the used components will automatically start the file with a special character called Byte Order Mark (BOM).

We do not have control over this behaviour and cannot change the output. This few bytes are correct Unicode and the recipient of the file should normally be able to handle it. There are however system that do not expect Unicode input, but can handle it (or at least the ASCII part), as long as the Byte Order Mark is not present. If you are not allowed to send the Byte Order Mark on an XML export, your only option is to export the file in a non Unicode format, or to modify the file from C/AL / AL code before sending it.

To export XML data in a non Unicode format you should add a mapping line of type XML header, if not already the present, in the mapping. You can change the encoding on the mapping line of type XML Header (not the EDI Mapping Header Properties).


On imports we can process both: files containing a Byte Order Mark and files without a Byte Order Mark.