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Description of the Anveo Mobile App Update Package

Anveo offers a service package for an easy and fast update of an existing Anveo Mobile App installation. This includes updating the existing server components to the latest version of the Anveo Mobile App. This document describes the prerequisites as well as the exact service description.


  • Update of an existing Anveo Mobile App installation to the newest version.
  • The update includes only the technical update of the “ACF App Events Code Unit”, so that it is compatible with the new version of Anveo Mobile App.
  • Other customized Anveo objects are not updated.
  • The technical update includes the technical update to the latest version of Anveo Mobile App, but not the installation of the new features in the Anveo Mobile App setup.
  • Before the update it is checked whether the old version is executable. After the update, the same user is used to ensure that the update is successful. We check this using our own Anveo Mobile App test user or a provided user.
  • A complete test of the app after the update has to be done by a user, because Anveo does not know the solution.
  • If problems occur after the update, only update-specific cases of Anveo will be fixed.
  • A technical update can also achieve some performance optimizations, but the update package as a service does not provide a complete analysis of performance problems. Anveo offers a separate package for this purpose.


  • Update of an existing Anveo Mobile App installation. There is no new installation e.g. in a new database or on a new server.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics version must be identical. A simultaneous upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics is not possible with this package.
  • The existing Anveo Mobile App installation must be executable.
  • An easy to use remote access must be provided e.g. TeamViewer or GoToMeeting with sufficient screen resolution and speed.
  • A technical contact person for infrastructure questions must be known and available for the update date.
  • No changes are made to the existing Microsoft Dynamics infrastructure, such as the Microsoft Dynamics Web Service.
  • Before the update, all Anveo Mobile App users must be informed about the update and the time.
  • Normally, you can continue working with the Anveo Mobile App directly after the update. For safety reasons, however, it is strongly recommended that all data on the mobile devices be fully synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics before the update and that no new data be entered during the update process. Depending on the update scenario, it may be necessary to reinitialize the mobile devices. This would cause data to be lost that has not been fully synchronized before the update. Anveo assumes that all users have been informed of this at the update date and that the data has already been successfully synchronized.