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E-Rechnung (E-Invoicing) in Germany

Germany will make e-invoicing a standard practice for B2B companies with a legislative initiative currently underway. This legislative initiative aims to create a framework that not only encourages but mandates the use of e-Invoices (compliant with EN16931). This is in line with broader European efforts to standardize electronic invoicing practices.
There are several formats for delivering EN16931 compliant invoices. These include XRechnung, UBL, CEFACT and others. Anveo EDI Connect can import and export all of them. ZUGFeRD can also be used in an EN16931 compliant way. We support the import and export of the XML part of ZUGFeRD.
We plan to further extend the module’s built-in support for these formats. If you would like to use them now, please contact our support or sales team.