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EDI Service: Project Implementation

Anveo offers the implementation of EDI projects. We are of course dependent on the cooperation of the Dynamics customer and the Microsoft Dynamics partner. In this case the setup is done by Anveo. If desired, this can of course also be combined with an EDI training, please let us know if this is desired.


  • We need to do a requirement analysis first
  • We will need a remote access to a test system, where we can do the implementation

Implementation Procedure

We usually work through the implementation in small steps. All questions that arise are documented and we are happy to communicate the current interim status including all open questions. Usually we need a few days until we can generate the first test data. We estimate the required implementation time at project start. However, this does not correspond to the project duration. Due to the fact that not all questions can always be clarified immediately, that one is partly dependent on the feedback of the EDI partner etc., it is not unusual that the implementation of an interface can take several weeks or even months. With our experience, we do everything we can to keep these times as short as possible and communicate this at the start of the project.