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EDI Service: Requirement Analysis

At the beginning of EDI projects many process and detail questions have to be clarified. The topics to be clarified range from the exact data format of the technical interface to data exchange and questions about where the data is stored in the ERP system.

As a service, Anveo offers an initial analysis of the EDI process. We look at the interface specifications, discuss the process and try to work out points of attention. Of course, typical pitfalls at field level are also considered, but we usually do not specify each individual field to keep the effort low.

As a result of the requirements analysis, you get a document with all the knowledge we have gathered. This can be used as a basis for project implementation by Anveo, or as a basis for an effort estimate, or for the implementation of interfaces by third parties.


  • A technical documentation of the EDI interface or an example file. If you do not have those, we are happy to help you in getting these, but without them, we cannot start the requirement analysis
  • A remote session, where we can take a look at your Dynamics installation
  • A way to contact an Dynamics consultant or developer, who is familiar with your Dynamics installation and might be able to help specifying the target process inside Dynamics

The Analysis Process

We start by collecting all the information you can give us upfront. We then arrange a first appointment where we can discuss the target process together and possibly gain a first impression of the Dynamics installation. Based on this information, we prepare a first draft of the document and write down the open questions. These are then usually clarified in subsequent appointments in cooperation between the Dynamics user, the Microsoft Dynamics partner and, if necessary, the EDI partner.