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EDI Training Information

You’re probably got a link to this document, because you’re interested in or booked an Anveo EDI training. In this document we try to give you some information that might be helpful before and after the training.

An Anveo training is a good start if you are using Anveo EDI Connect for the first time, or if you have never used a specific mapping type before. The aim of training is to teach you how to set up EDI mappings yourself in the future.

If possible, we will be happy to give you a practical example so that you can use the mappings created during training afterwards. Please note that we do not usually create a complete mapping in a training session, but only create the basis which you can then complete afterwards. We also do not carry out a complete requirements analysis, but offer it as a separate service.


To be able to give you a training, we will require a working remote access to a test system, where Anveo EDI Connect is already installed. You should also already import the Anveo license key and check whether the license is working before the training. If you need help with the installation or checking your license, our EDI support is happy to help you. In that case, please contact them a few days before the training.

Please also have an example file of the data to be processed and, if possible, the interface documentation ready. We appreciate, if you can provide this information before the training to Anveo, so that the person giving the training can already prepare an agenda before the training.

We do not require any knowledge of Anveo EDI Connect before the training. If you already have some knowledge of our module, we can skip those topics during the training. You can find the documentation for Anveo EDI Connect on this site.

Checklist of Things to Prepare:

  • A working remote access, for example, TeamViewer (we have a valid license you do not require one)
  • A test system with a working Anveo EDI Connect installation
  • A valid Anveo EDI Connect license or test license for the system
  • Example data
  • Documentation of the Interface

The Training

Usually a training will have an agenda like the one below, but we are very flexible. Please discuss your expectations before the training with our trainers.

  • Introduction into the Module
  • Looking at the provided example data
  • Starting the setup of the mapping to import or export the data
  • We discuss the possibilities of dealing with process logic
  • Answering your questions

After the Training

After training, you should have all the information you need to continue working on the mappings. Of course we can offer additional trainings, if required. We strongly recommend that you take some time to apply the knowledge you have gained after training.

You will usually have some questions after the training and our EDI support is happy to answer them. If possible, the person that gave the training will also be available the days afterwards to answer all your questions.

You can also find a lot of information on this site. A good starting point is the Anveo EDI Connect documentation.