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EDIFACT – Value Translations for NAD

While importing some EDIFACT message types (Orders, Invoices etc.) you will certainly come across values like BY, DP and IV. If you are familiar with EDIFACT, you probably know that these values stand for different types of addresses. And if you have already taken a few steps down the rabbit hole of Anveo EDI Connect, you know that you can use a value translation to translate the EDIFACT values to the ones known in Dynamics NAV.

In this article we list some of the more or less used EDIFACT codes and their counterpart in Dynamics NAV. The From Data Type is “Code” and it will be translated to the To Data Type “Option”.

Source Value Destination Value
AB / IV 4=Bill-to Customer
BY 3=Sell-to Customer
DP / ST / UC 8=Ship-to Address
SU 11=Supplier

The values above apply to sales documents. If you are importing purchase documents the value translations will be like this:

Source Value Destination Value
AB 7=Pay-to Vendor
SU 6=Buy-from Vendor
IV 0=Other

In both cases you have to write the destination value like above. The numbers correspond to the field “Type” in the table “EDI Contact”