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Estimating Anveo EDI Connect Projects

The effort to set up a mapping in Anveo EDI Connect is difficult to estimate. The effort depends on several factors: Which file format is used, how many fields are there, there is detailed documentation. In the vast majority of cases, most of the work is involved in project planning and project agreements. EDI projects typically consist of many participants: There are the business departments, the project managers, the IT department and EDI service providers or implementation partners. Keeping everyone up to date and getting all questions clarified in a targeted manner can be a challenge. The costs for the actual mapping quickly recede into the background.

In order to be able to make a statement nevertheless, one can only work with very rough estimates, especially if no further project details are known. Typically, in our experience one can calculate about 3 days per single interface (partner and message type). Unfortunately the variance of this statement is very high and amounts to a multiple of the mentioned time. We therefore recommend to arrange a pilot project. During this time, the expenses incurred should be communicated in all directions in order to be able to make suitable estimates for this customer and EDI partner in the future. Also helpful are detailed project plans, where we can also provide support. We would like to be able to give more precise estimates here.

To give you a (possibly bad) comparison from the ERP world: “How time-consuming is it to manually enter all incoming invoice lines if you cannot predict whether the master data already exists or whether the vendor and items have to be created?” All the information you can get in advance are: There are about 15 large vendors and many more small ones.