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Anveo Health Check Failed on Anveo Server Version


Anveo’s Health Check shows an error message on Anveo Server version check.

  • Failed: Required version of Anveo Server is … Detected version is … .
  • Failed: Unable to connect to the remote server.
  • Failed: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
  • Failed: Anveo Server Version … Failed: The URI prefix is not recognized.


  • All Anveo Client Suite components must fit together. In this case, Objects in Microsoft Dynamics and Anveo Server are not a valid pair.
  • Anveo Server URL or port is wrong
  • Anveo Server is not installed yet.
  • Anveo Server is not started.


  • Consult your installation files and “Update Process & Changelog” documentation for correct versions. Either update Microsoft Dynamics objects or Anveo Server.
  • Check your Anveo Server URL and Port.
  • http:// is missing: http://servername is correct format.
  • If Anveo Server is not installed yet, run the installation.
    Start Anveo Server if not started yet.
  • Check your Windows Firewall settings. Open all ports used for your Anveo Server.

Note: This article is for Anveo Client Suite 6 and newer.