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How To Add Anveo To Your Dynamics License

All Anveo products are registered ISV solutions within Microsoft Dynamics using a dedicated object range. This article describes how-to add an Anveo product to your Microsoft Dynamics license.

Adding Anveo objects to the license is free of charge for Microsoft Dynamics users.

This action must be performed by a Microsoft Partner having access to “Microsoft Partner Source Business Center”.

1. Lookup customer in “Partner Source Business Center”

2. Open the list of “Registered ISV Modules”

3. Add ISV Module

4. Select ISV Company

“Anveo” is the product name (=brand name) of the company “conion media GmbH”. It is important to lookup “conion media GmbH” in the list.

If you cannot see “conion media GmbH” in the list, please contact Anveo Partner Care at [email protected]. It is required to activate our products for your company first.

5. Select ISV Module

“5327100 Anveo Client Framework” contains Anveo Mobile App and Anveo Web Portal
“5327300 Anveo EDI Connect” contains the EDI Connect module

6. Download Dynamics License

After adding the ISV modules to the Microsoft Dynamics license, it is required to download the license from PSBC again.

7. Install new Dynamics License

Upload your new Microsoft Dynamics license to your system and restart your Microsoft Dynamics BC / Microsoft Dynamics NAV services.