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Invoicing of Anveo Services

Dear Anveo partners and customers,

We are always happy to assist and support you in the best way possible, which is why a good partnership and collaboration with you comes first. For maximum transparency, we would like to present you with a precise definition of the difference between free of charge and chargeable Anveo Services.  

For Anveo Mobile App and Web Portal projects: Please also read our article that sums up all important information on best practices, responsibilites and how-to run and maintain an Anveo project.

Anveo Service and Support is free of charge, when:

  1. A customer or partner has general questions about our products. Examples:
    “What does Anveo offer?”
    “What are the advantages of Anveo over product XY?”
  2. A customer or partner has general questions in regards to feasibility
    Example: “Can Anveo do this and that? Is our requirement XY possible with Anveo?”
  3. You are looking for an online presentation of an Anveo product.
  4. We review your requirements or sample files and provide a rough, no-obligation estimation of effort based on these and our experience.
  5. We provide you with a link to our Knowledge Base, and other such self-help advice. If more time and assistance is needed, then this time is chargeable.  
  6. Our support team fixes a bug for a feature that is the responsibility of Anveo. This includes the core features of the Anveo tools according to official Anveo documentation. We will do our best to solve any type of issues. As we do have a lot of depencencies towards third party applications and hardware, a solution may not be possible in all cases. This is why we cannot guarantee a solution. The software is “as-is” and must be tested before buying and before going live.
    “The Anveo Server or the Anveo Mobile App crashes.”
    “The layout of the data is not looking ok according to the app layout options.”
    “You set a field to a specific color but it stays unchanged.”
    Any necessary customizations for a proper business process are not free of charge and always represent a costly change request.

For points 1, 2 and 4, such questions should be few, easy to read and answered by our support teams, and contain only very approximate and non-binding estimates of times and prices.

Anveo Service and Support is chargeable, when:

  1. A customer or partner has specific questions about the implementation of certain requirements or functions with an Anveo product. Examples:
    “How do I setup Anveo to implement a business process?”
  2. A customer or partner wishes to receive Anveo Training
  3. We conduct a detailed requirements analysis in order to provide a concrete cost estimate
  4. We plan a specific project implementation.
  5. We implement or document specific project steps.
  6. Our support team fixes an bug, an issue or an error that was not caused by Anveo or is not within the responsibility of Anveo’s core functions. Examples:
    “We expect a feature within the app that is not there, yet.”
    “The data sent to Microsoft Dynamics are not properly processed as the business process is not well-designed.”
    “There is a missing translation or we expect the app in our own language.”
  7. Our support analyses performance issues. Examples:
    “The synchronization is too slow.”
    “The server is having a high CPU load.”
    “We have long table locks during a synchronization.”
    “The Anveo Mobile App is too slow on showing data or on data input.”
    “How do I set up maintenance plans.”

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the responsibilities and our services. We look forward to working with you in the future.