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Anveo Managed File Transfer – MFT

What is Anveo MFT?

Anveo Managed File Transfer is a “Communication Handler” developed by Anveo IT Services GmbH, which is specialized in Software as a Service solutions. It offers the file transfer service outside the BC Online/AL environment as SaaS in Azure and thus enables automated file exchange in the BC Online environment.

Why is a “Communication Handler” needed?

A “Communication Handler” is technically essential to ensure that the automatic data exchange can also function properly when using BC Online (Public Cloud/ SaaS).

The background is that there is no possibility to develop a communication component – for e.g. FTP and AS2 – directly in BC Cloud.

It is not mandatory you use our Anveo MFT as a “Communication Handler”. There are also other/own solutions for this. This is just an option.

More information about how to create an own “Communication Handler” is available at

Which protocols are supported?

  • FTP/FTPS (Client)
  • SFTP (Client)
  • AS/2 (Server and Client)
  • X400 (not directly. E.g. via eGate provided by Pranke GmbH)
  • further protocols on request

How is the availability?

Anveo MFT is available for the Anveo EDI Connect solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (Public Cloud/ SaaS from Microsoft). Like the EDI license for BC Online, Anveo MFT is only available as subscription.

Furthermore, it is available for On Prem Extension (from BC 14). In this case too, Anveo MFT is used as subscription. Regardless of whether the Anveo EDI Connect license has been purchased or will be used as a subscription.

MFT will not be available for older versions of NAV.

How is it billed?

Anveo MFT is operated by Anveo IT Services GmbH, which specializes in Software-as-a-Service solutions.

Billing for the Anveo MFT service is as follows:

  • A 40 Euro per month cost. Each MFT license is bound to one Anveo EDI license and is issued for one “Anveo MFT Company” . A test company is included if requested.
  • When using the EDI Connect Enterprise option, costs increase automatically to 80 Euros a month. The enterprise option is only available for BC OnPrem installations. It is not possible to license an additional “Anveo MFT Company” separately if the EDI Connect Enterprise option is in use.
  • Invoices are issued for the coming half year. The term is until 30.06. or 31.12. of a year (at least one full month), thereafter semi-annually. One month equals 30 days for prorated monthly billing.
  • The notice period for cancellation is at least one month before the end of the current billing period.

How can I get registered for Anveo MFT?

  • The user registers on the Anveo MFT platform.
  • The user orders his own Anveo MFT license key. He receives this from Anveo Partner Care and enters this license key into his account on the Anveo MFT platform.
  • Afterwards he gets access to the dashboard and can create a maximum of one live client and an unlimited number of test clients.

What is the Anveo MFT platform?

The Anveo MFT platform is the portal where the Anveo users manage their data transfers. Anyone can register for the portal. But access to a dashboard is only granted to those who either order and import an Anveo MFT license key themselves or who are activated by their partner/customer.

The user can set up one live client and an unlimited number of test clients for data-technically separate environments such as live and test systems.  All are assigned to the same account. In the test system, automatic processing only runs for one day at a time and must be manually reactivated in the MFT interface.

A company with several locations can connect those several locations with one live client. Technically seen this is one access, one dashboard and one accounting. This also means that, as an Anveo partner, you cannot supply several customers with one Anveo MFT Live license.

The Anveo MFT platform provides an overview of incoming and outgoing files.

  • Inbox: incoming message from the communication partner
  • Fetched: stored by MFT in own Dynamics
  • Outbox: stored by Dynamics in Anveo MFT platform
  • Sent: received by the communication partner

It also provides an overview of the live and test clients to be managed, as well as the possibility of setting up new connectors: