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Objects Are Not Visible in Menu

This entry is intended to troubleshoot problems, if you have installed the Anveo EDI Connect module and it does not appear in the menu.

The module should show up under the location:

Departments / Administration / Application Setup / Anveo EDI

Please open an development environment and ensure, that you can see the Anveo EDI Connect menu suite as one of the Add-on menu suites. If not, please have a look at the installation chapter of the manual and install the menu suite.

If the menu suite is installed, please recompile all menu suites (select all and press F11). Restart the client and check whether you can see the menu entries.

If they’re still not visible, please go to the page EDI Setup (Page number 5327301) and click on “Run”. If the page opens, the installation was correct and there is a problem with the menu suites. If you get a permission error, your NAV license does not contain the EDI Connect module. 

Please contact your NAV partner or add the EDI Connect module, if you can modify your license. The module should show up as “conion media GmbH” – “Anveo EDI Connect”.

If you still run into problems, please contact our support team.