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Services of the Anveo EDI Connect Quality Review

In today’s fast-paced digital age, a reliable electronic data interchange is an easy way to streamline business processes, reduce manual error, and free up internal capacities. Anveo EDI Connect’s Quality Review is designed to do just that. Drawing on the insight from hundreds of successful projects, this plan ensures the continuous improvement and efficiency of your electronic data interchange processes.


  • Enhanced efficiency: Experience improved data quality and speed, making tasks smoother and more efficient.
  • Stability: the Anveo EDI Connect – Quality Review ensures a more stable solution.
  • Satisfied team: A stable and efficient application makes for a happier and more productive team.
  • Secure your investment: With regular reviews and updates, your EDI investment is protected.

Features of the Quality Review

Infrastructure Checks

Infrastructure checks are planned every 12 months, with up to three additional checks depending on the latest results.

Consistency check of data processing

This ensures that your data remains accurate and reliable, which is important for the outcome and trust in the solution. In this check, we take a look at the data received in Microsoft Dynamics. If there is data with an error status, we provide a list of these errors and show you how to fix them manually. We then check whether an optimized setup can reduce manual processing time or prevent it altogether through automation.

This leads to better data quality and higher user acceptance.

Identify relevant updates

Stay ahead of the curve by keeping your EDI Connect solution up to date with the newest features and maintaining upgradeability for future versions.


  • Security updates
  • Use of business transactions instead of manual adjustments
  • If an upgrade to a newer BC version is planned in the future, why not switch to the latest EDI version now? This saves time during the BC upgrade.
  • Is it possible to replace intermediate service providers?

Checking the processing times

We will check the solution for possible optimizations in terms of speed and performance.

Definition of process controls

A review of the existing Anveo EDI Connect Mappings is planned every 12 months, and further reviews are available on request.

Validation of existing processes

Ensure that all your processes are still relevant and delivering the desired results. This validation involves a joint online session with one of your key users or the people responsible for the EDI processes. The goal is to validate the process and identify process optimization. However, optimizing the process itself is a longer task and not part of the Quality Review.

Checking the degree of automation

This task includes the following checks:

  • Are all processes active?
  • Task queue: Are all jobs active?
  • The level of automatization will be checked, to see if the level of manual interaction can be reduced. (Automatic import/export instead of manual import/export processes.)

Checking processing errors

By checking recurring processing errors via Anveo EDI Connect-Log, you ensure quality optimization of your electronic data traffic. This check includes a simple check of the processing setup to determine possible optimization, according to the best practices. These optimizations can be based on operational errors or specifically noted by users. A detailed audit and the adaptation of optimizations are not included in the price.

Terms and conditions

To get started, please designate a contact person with name, function and e-mail address in your company and at your Microsoft Dynamics partner. The invitations for the next review will be sent to these persons. The responsibility for booking appointments lies with these contact persons. If another person is responsible, please actively inform Anveo.

Duration: The Quality Review is offered for a minimum of 12 months. It will automatically renew if not cancelled at least one month prior to the expiration date. An active Anveo Service Plan or Anveo EDI Connect Subscription License is required.

Included services: Regular inspection dates include a range of services that are already included in the price. The list of included services is described on this page.

Additional costs: Some inspections may lead to follow-up tasks, especially for the validation of existing processes. Due to their varying scope, these are unfortunately not included in the initial price and are charged separately. Before such a service is provided, a separate quote will be provided to ensure transparency.

If you are looking to maximize the potential of your electronic data exchange, the Anveo EDI Connect Quality Review is a choice worth considering. It ensures you’re always at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

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