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Should I Upgrade Anveo EDI Connect

In this article we try to explain the advantages and drawbacks of upgrading the module. If you’re about to start with a project, you should always use the newest available version of the module.

Anveo EDI Connect uses a version numbering scheme containing the major version (4), the minor version (00) and the revision (01), which is represented as “4.00.01”. A major upgrade will bring you a lot of new functionalities and might have breaking changes. A minor upgrade will also introduce new functionality, but will not contain major modifications to all parts of the converter. This could be a single converter change or a change to one communication channel, or a new supported platform. Revision changes will correct, for example, translations or might correct functionalities without changing the way the module is supposed to work.

Each new version of the module brings new functionality, fixes known problems and often we find ways to increase the speed of the module even further. From a purely technical point of view, an update is always recommended.

But, if you are using the module and there are no difficulties, an update only makes sense if one of the new functions makes work considerably easier. With every update the module should be tested completely, so that an update, even if it is technically feasible very quickly, is often associated with corresponding test efforts. If you don’t use the module in live operation so far, the update usually makes sense, as it is still being tested and the additional effort is correspondingly low. If you are planning to implement a new interface in a live system, you should also consider the advantages of the new version over the test effort. If, on the other hand, the new version facilitates not only the setup, but also the operational process, an update is often worthwhile very quickly.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not that simple. If you would like our advice in individual cases, please contact our EDI Support with the details. We will support you in making your decision.