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What is the Anveo Service Plan?

Upgrade Right

The “Anveo Service Plan” is a yearly fee for buying-licenses that includes the right to update to the latest product versions. This includes new features, compatibility updates for new Microsoft Dynamics versions, performance improvements and hotfixes. Please subscribe to our newsletter and read our release notes to get information about the new, avaiable features. However, the installation services to run the upgrade is not included but available as a separate offerings.

License Extension Right

If you plan to upgrade your Anveo license, an active “Anveo Service Plan” is required. Please make sure your “Anveo Service Plan” is active before adding new features to your Anveo license.

Anveo Service Plan Periods

When purchasing an Anveo license, the Anveo Service Plan must be valid for at least one year and begins at the time the order is placed, even if the Anveo solution is not installed yet or the project goes live later.

Adjustment of the periods to the Microsoft Dynamics license

In order to adjust the periods to the maintenance periods of a Microsoft Dynamics license, the desired end date must be specified when ordering. The minimum term of one year also applies.

Payments and Terms

The fee is 17% of the license value, is renewed automatically and has to be fully paid before getting access to the new license keys. A renewal invoice is sent out at least one month before exiration. You may cancel your “Anveo Service Plan” one month before exiration.


The separate, yearly “Anveo Service Plan” fee is only required for buying licenses. The “Anveo Service Plan” is already included in your Subcription fee.