Config / Data Exchange / ANVEDI POP3


This communication code unit allows to read mails using the POP3 protocol via the File Exchange Service.

To use this service you need Anveo EDI Connect version and the File Exchange Service must be reachable.


To configure the communication channel, find it in the EDI Communication Channel List and click on “Configure”. If you’ve just created the channel you might need to refersh the page first.


Select or create a new File Exchange Service instance. You have to configure the URL (can be copied from the configuration and is shown on startup if you start the service directly). The default value is http://localhost:7098 and you have to set the API Key corresponding to the configuration file. You can use the server for multiple communication partners.


In case you want to use OAuth2 with Exchange 365 you will need to create a new “App registrations” in the Azure portal.

Got to the Azure Portal, search for “App registration” and create a new one. Call it, for example, Anveo File Exchange Service. You can leave all the other settings on the default values and click on “Register”. (You can learn more about App regsitrations here:

Afterwards take a note of the “Application (client) ID” and “Directory (tenant) ID” you’ll need to put these values into the configuration settings of the communication channel.

There is one setting that has to be changed for the new app registrations: Select “Authentication” in the left pane and search for “Allow public client flows”. This has to be enabled to allow the login via the Device ID.

In Dynamics, make sure to select “Exchange OAuth2” as the authorization method. Select “DeviceCode” as the OAuth Method and enter the Tenant ID and Client ID from the portal (this might be different from the Dynamics Tenant ID!).

To login, click on “Authenticate” in the POP3 settings page. You’ll get a URL and DeviceID, which allows you to sign in. Anencrypted token is stored on the File Exchange Server and can be used to get the emails, until the token lifetime has expired. In this case fetching the messages will fail and you have to log in again.