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EDI Mapping Header

Anveo EDI Connect organizes each data transformation, data check and data transformation in a structure called mapping. The EDI Mapping Header is the table holding the basic information for organizing these. All settings that are mapping related are stored in a secondary table called EDI Property and can be accessed from the FactBox.

Create a new Mapping

  • Select the desired EDI Project (or create a new one as described in the section EDI Project on page 12)
  • Select the EDI Format, for example “NAV”
  • Choose a code to identify the EDI Mapping. You can use up to 20 characters. A good choice is, for example, the type of the mapping, like “ORDERS”.

You can now start to build the line structure. The EDI Format may provide an assistant to help you or you can create the lines manually. 

All available properties are depending on the selected EDI Format. We will describe the setup of mappings later on.


Project Code

Select the project this mapping belongs to.

Format Code

Sets the format/converter to be used.


A unique code to identify the mapping. Can be up to 20 characters.


The version is set automatically. This field is only relevant, if the mapping versioning is enabled.