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EDI Format

Anveo EDI Connect supports a lot of different data formats. The data formats are defined in the table EDI Format. The converters shipped with Anveo EDI Connect will create the responding entries in the table. For each entry there is a code that is used to identify the format. The tables also stores information about the used converter codeunit and documentation report.

You usually do not need to edit the information stored in this table. You can break the system by changing the predefined entries.

The converters shipped with Anveo EDI Connect are:

    Supports the processing of EDIFACT files and subsets of EDIFACT.
  • NAV
    Supports the mapping of NAV tables to other NAV tables. Including inter-company scenarios.
  • TEXT
    Can process text and CSV files.
    Used internally to allow the customization of the event handling. This format can be hidden from the user by setting the option “Show System Components” in the EDI Setup.
  • X12
    Supports the processing of X12 data
  • XML
    Supports the processing of XML data