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EDI Project

The EDI Project is used to group the EDI data. You can create the project structure as you like. It is good practice to group the data according to your business partners and create a project for each customer or vendor. Projects are used to organize the mappings, as well as the sent and received data.

The data transformations in Anveo EDI Connect are described by so called mappings. The mapping code has to be unique per data format and project code. You can only create one with the code ORDERS and the format XML in a project, for example.

To create a new project:

  • Open the EDI Project window
Departments -> Administration -> Application Setup -> Anveo EDI -> SEtup -> EDI Project List
  • Click on the button “New”
  • Choose a code to identify the EDI Project. A good choice is, for example, the name of the EDI partner.
  • Enter a description for the project.