In this section you can find information about the general structure of the module and the core concepts.

Technical Overview of the Module

In this training we will learn the basic concepts of Anveo EDI Connect. We will look at what workflow control is all about, what the term converter means in EDI Connect. Finally, we briefly mention how the data is imported into the module or sent out of the module.

Anveo EDI Connect – Technical Training – Module Basics

Configuration Tools

Anveo EDI Connect offers a few tools that make it easier to configure and troubleshoot the configuration. We will take a look at the logging functionality, how to debug mappings and how we can make backups of the configuration and transfer it to other systems.

Anveo EDI Connect – Technical Training – Configuration Tools


In this training, we will look at the main configuration structure of Anveo EDI Connect: the mappings. We show which data formats are supported and which converters are available in EDI Connect. And then we look at how there are different properties in the mappings.

Anveo EDI Connect – Technical Training – Mappings


To store or retrieve data in Dynamics, we need a way to access the information stored in the database. In this video we will look at the concept of loops and tables in Anveo EDI Connect and learn how to access and store information.

Anveo Technical – 4 Tables EN

Relationships Between Different Tables

When working with table data, we often have multiple tables that have a relationship to each other, such as a header table and the rows that belong to that table. In this training we will look at how this relationship works and how it is modeled in Anveo EDI Connect.

Anveo Technical – 5 Table Relationship EN