string URL);

PAGE('URI', '');
PAGE('URI', 'mailto://[email protected]?subject=This%20is%20a%20Test&body=Message');
PAGE('URI', 'tel:+494043282460');

Opens an external app depending on an url scheme. You can open any url scheme that is registered on your device like any third party apps.

Please not that parameters must be URL encoded like %20 for a space character.

  • http:// and https:// – will open a web browser opening the specified adress
  • tel: – will open the phone programm and pre-dial the phone number specified
  • mailto:// – will open the mail program to create a mail adressed to the receiver specfied
  • maps:// – will open the maps program with the specified adress

For iOS apps called by this scheme need to be registered within the Anveo iOS App. Please contact Anveo if you want to open an external app from Anveo.