Anveo Page Triggers

For the following Anveo Page Triggers Anveo Scripts can be used to implement business logic. The scripts are specified when setting up the Anveo Page.

OnClosePage and OnOpenPage

These actions are defined in the Mobile App tab of the Anveo Page Card:

  • OnClosePage – Anveo Script is run once after the Anveo Page is opened.
  • OnOpenPage – Anveo Script is run after pressing back to close page. If no Anveo Script is defined, the Anveo Page closes automatically. If an OnClosePageTrigger is defined, the Anveo Script must run PAGE(‘CLOSE’,false) to close the Anveo Page.


The setup for the OnAfterGetRecord script can be found under the extended setup actions from the Anveo Page Elements. The Anveo Script defined here is run for every record on lists. On Card Pages this script is run once for every record after loading it, e.g. after opening the Anveo Page, close the sync view or after returing back from another Anveo Page.

It is not allowed to create, modify or delete any data in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger.