Dictionaries are designed to quickly be able to insert frequently used texts and comments.
For this purpose 3 tables have to be maintained:

  • 5327205 ACF Dictionary (dictionaries)
  • 5327206 ACF Dictionary Wordlist (word lists)
  • 5327207 ACF Dictionary Word (words).

A dictionary represents a large subject area and is divided into smaller areas by the word lists. Finally, the actual texts that can be inserted are maintained in the words. A dictionary can currently have a maximum of 5 word lists assigned to it. For the number of assignments between words and word lists there is no limit.

If the Anveo service integration has been performed you can find an example of how dictionaries are used in the Anveo Service App in Dynamics in the Page 5902 Service Order Subform. In the Anveo Service App you can find a sample implementation in the service tasks page (Anveo Page ASER_TASK). This Page cann be accessed via the service item lines page (ASER_SER_ITEM_LINE).