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Performance Groups

With performance groups you have the possibility to define how the Dynamics Service Tiers are used by requests coming from the Anveo Mobile App. This gives you the possibility to do load balancing or prioritize apps or users.

This feature is currently only available for C3 type installations. We expect to release this feature soon for all installations except A1/B1 environments, since in BC Online Microsoft will handle load balancing. Information about our classification of installations can be found in system requirements.


To be able to use performance groups you need to have the Anveo Client Suite Version 11.1.0.x or higher.

Setup of Performance Groups

Performance Groups can be set up on the Anveo Server. Every performance group is assigned to at least one service tier URL. If a performance group is assigned to more than one service tier URL the load will be balanced by an algorithm. The algorithms are defined as following:

  • Random – every time a new user is logging in he will be randomly assigned to one of the service tiers
  • Session – every time a new user is logging in he will be assigned to the service tier that has smallest session count

The setup of the Anveo Server can be accessed from the ACS Anveo Client Suite Setup.

Assigning Performance Groups to Anveo Users

Performance Groups can be defined in the setup of the Anveo User. This way you could also define users to use different service tiers.