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Performance relevant setup in Anveo Managed installations

To achieve optimized performance for your system, it is important to configure certain settings. This article outlines the necessary adjustments to maximize system efficiency. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the performance of your system significantly.

  1. Utilize “WebService Access Keys” instead of passwords for NAVUserPassword authentication: When utilizing NAVUserPassword authentication, it is recommended to use “WebService Access Keys” instead of passwords. This ensures a more secure and efficient authentication process, reducing potential vulnerabilities. By implementing this approach, you can enhance the overall performance of your system.
  2. Obtain the latest version of the Web Service.dll from the Dynamics setup: To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to use the most recent version of the Web Service.dll file. Check for updates in the Dynamics setup and ensure that the minimum required App Service Build is 543. Keeping the Web Service.dll up to date provides access to bug fixes, improvements, and new features, ultimately leading to better performance.
  3. Configure the Web Service to allow more than 5 concurrent calls for SOAP: By default, the Web Service limits concurrent SOAP calls to 5. However, you can modify this setting to allow a higher number of concurrent calls, thereby increasing system performance. OnPrem, you can change this limitation to 0 (Unlimited). If you are using BC Online, contact Microsoft Support to request assistance in modifying this restriction.

By adhering to the recommended settings outlined above, you can optimize the performance of your system.These steps will help your system operate efficiently, ensuring a smooth user experience and maximizing productivity.