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Checklist Template Actions

The following actions are available from a checklist template:

New Template Line

Creates a new checklist template line and opens the checklist template line page for editing.


Sets the status of the current checklist template to “Active.” Only active checklist templates can be filled out. Once a checklist template is set to “Active,” it cannot be edited.


Sets the status of the current checklist template to “Open.” This allows editing the checklist template.

Edit Filters for Linked Table

Use this action to filter for what records of the linked table the checklist will be available and related. Within this page, you can modify filters for linked records, enabling the completion of this template. These filters are applicable to all fields within the table, with the ability to combine filter criteria subsequently. Beyond filters for precise values, there’s also the option to define more intricate filters using conventional filtering syntax (such as <> | ..).