General Information

This tab contains general information about the checklist template line.

Template Description

Description of the checklist template that is connected to the checklist template line.


Selection between data, group, and function.

  • Data is for checklist template lines requiring input
  • Group is for grouping checklist template lines. A group includes all following checklist template lines until the end of the checklist template or the next checklist template line of type Group.
  • Function is currently not supported.


The description of the checklist template line. This description is also displayed when filling out the checklist.

Conditional Visibility

Determines whether the current checklist template line should only be displayed under certain conditions. If this option is set for a group, this visibility applies to the entire group, including all checklist template lines in the group. Further specification of the conditional visibility is possible in in the conditional visibility tab.


A more detailed description of the input reqired regarding the checklist template line. This specification can be viewed when filling out the checklist on the app.