Anveo Mobile App / Checklists / Lookup Field Setup

Lookup Field Setup

Lookup Table

Source table for the records in the lookup.

Lookup Page No.

The BC Page to be used when filling out the checklist. The Lookup page defined here must still be manually called within a SubscriptionEvent in the “onHandleLookupFieldAssistEdit”. This field serves only as additional assistance for the function. Further details can be found in the developer documentation.

Lookup Anveo Page Code

The Anveo Page to be used for performing the lookup on the app. This page must be based on the table specified in the Lookup Table field as an element, and contain the action code <AppCode>_CHKL_FNC:LUPRS in the Short Press Action field and the value CHKL_ONA:LOOKUP in the OnAfterGetRecordFunction field.

Lookup Multiple Choice

Indicates whether multiple records can be selected from the lookup for the checklist line.

Lookup Format

Specifies how the data from the lookup should be formatted. Field contents from the lookup table can be specified using <FieldName> and will be replaced with the corresponding field content in the completed checklists.