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Work with Checklist Templates

Anveo checklists can be set up using the ACF checklist templates. Here, checklists are defined that can be filled out in Dynamics or on the Anveo Mobile App.

Checklist Templates List

The list of checklist templates displays all created templates. The following functions are available here:


Creates a new checklist template and opens the checklist template card.

Fill out Checklist

Initiates the editing of a checklist based on the selected checklist template. If the checklist requires a linked record, a corresponding lookup is opened first. At the end, the checklist is opened and can be filled out.

Find more information about filling out checklists in Dynamics here.

Show Completed Checklists

Opens a list of completed checklists created for the current template.

Create New Version

Creates a new version based on the selected checklist template. This involves making a complete copy of the checklist template (including rows and filters), and increments the version number of this copy. This function should be used, especially for significant or planned changes to checklist templates, to ensure the current workflow with the existing template.

Export Selected Checklists

Exports the selected checklist templates to an XML file. This can be used as a backup or for transferring checklist templates between different systems.

Import Selected Checklists

Imports checklist templates from an XML file. If checklist templates are imported that already exist under the same app code, code, and version number, they will be overwritten by the imported templates.