Anveo Web Portal / Customize the User Interface

Customize the User Interface

Several adjustments are necessary to integrate Anveo Client Suite into your Dynamics system so that the functionality of the entire business logic can also be utilized trouble-free in different clients. The most important codeunits that you can use for programming and adaptations of the Anveo Web Portal are ACF Management and ACF Events. In the event that you want to make use of modules in Anveo Client Suite (see section 6.4), the codeunit ACF Module Mapping is significant as well.

The codeunit ACF Management offers a number of control functions for the graphic user interface that you can activate and use within your C/AL programming.

The codeunit ACF Events contains miscellaneous functions in order to be able to react to events on the user interface. For instance, these include the C/AL code for all functions of the Anveo Web Portal that can be activated via Anveo Pages or menus. Furthermore there are complex table relations which cannot be enacted via the default setup.