Adaptations in C/AL

All the business logic for the Anveo Web Portal is executed directly in Dynamics. For that reason all adjustments for the web clients are stored as C/AL code. In the following sections the codeunits ACF management and ACF Events are presented, which play a central role for adaptations and functionality.

Besides the codeunits ACF Module Mapping and ACF Events – along with your own modules – you can also adapt the forms and tables that are supplied with Anveo Client Suite. However, it is strongly advised against carrying out changes in the forms and tables because that makes Anveo Client Suite updates more difficult to install and it cannot be guaranteed that the client connected to Anveo Client Suite continues to remain operable. Please note that changes in the codeunit ACF Module Mapping should only carried out in parts of code marked with the comment “Module mapping”, otherwise some functions of the Anveo Client Suite are not executed correctly.