Emergency Data Export

What is an Emergency Export?

If a user runs into synchronization problems, Anveo Mobile App provides an alternative way to send data from the mobile device to Dynamics via e-mail. Please select menu option “Emergency Data Export” in the main menu of Anveo Mobile App on your mobile device. Anveo Mobile App creates an encrypted file that you can send to your responsible person for Dynamics.

Emergency Data Export in Main Menu

Import Data

Select your corresponding Anveo User Device in Dynamics and import the file.

The file is encrypted with user-specific information that requires the corresponding Anveo User Device entry in Dynamics. Do not delete this entry in Dynamics, otherwise, you will not be able to decrypt and import the file any more.

This data export should be used for synchronization problems only, or if the user cannot synchronize very important data because of public wi-fi firewall rules / limitations. You can only transfer data from the mobile device to Dynamics. An update of the mobile device is not possible this way.

The import merely transfers the data from the Anveo Mobile App to Microsoft Dynamics. Only new data is read in. Data that has already been received or processed is not read in again.

In order to be able to import emergency export data the affected device needs to have at least one entry in the ACF Anveo User Device table with the corresponding AnveoUserDeviceID. The affected device also requires a LastProcessedEntryNo of at least 1.

Processing Data

Import and processing of data are two separate steps. After importing the file, open list Receiving Tasks from your Anveo User Devices in Dynamics. Mark all entries with status Data received and process them. Already processed entries cannot be processed again. This ensures data consistency if you import files twice or if you continue synchronization afterwards.

Continue after an Emergency Export

After an emergency export and manual processing has been performed, it is recommended to reinitialize the device. For this the user should reload the data in the main menu or in the start menu. All data is transferred cleanly and newly to the device.

Note: A retransmission may take a longer time and require a larger volume of data. Therefore, this procedure must be coordinated with the system administrator.