GPS Location Service

Use Cases

Anveo Mobile App provides different location service use cases:

GPS Integration

You need three steps to activate GPS in Anveo Mobile App:

1. Activate GPS in Main Menu

Add an Action Code to your Main Menu that activates GPS. This Action Code will run every time you open your Main Menu, like after log-in. GPS will run a second Action Code every n minutes and/or m meters afterwards to fetch and process GPS data – see step 2.

Example Action Codes in Anveo Base App: ASER_FNC:GPS_ON and ASLS_FNC:GPS_ON.

2. Action Code to Fetch and Store GPS Data

The second Action Code receives GPS data and stores it to the local app database. You may use our pre-defined action code using the ACF GPS table, however, you can use your own tables.

Example Action Codes in Anveo Base App: ASER_FNC:GPSTRACKSEN and ASER_FNC:GPSTRACKSEN.

3. Automatic Synchronization

The Action Code will test if the user is currently working with Anveo Mobile App. If yes, an automatic sync will not occure to ensure data consistency. If the user has left the app or has locked the screen, an automatic background synchronization will run if you have an internet connection.

More information about GPS is available in Anveo Script Documentation.

Show GPS Data in Dynamics

In Windows Client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 and newer, you can show the current location on a map in your Role Center or any other Page. We provide a pre-defined Page that you can easily include in your application. If you use an older Dynamics version, we offer a simple browser link to show the map. 

We provide a separate integration document for developers for Windows Client.