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Include FlowFields and BLOBs in Synchronization Packages

During first log-in of an Anveo User (called Initialization), Anveo sends all data to the mobile device. This includes FlowFields and BLOBs that are selected as fields in a Synchronization Package. Dynamics calculates the values because the Anveo Delta Server cannot access this data via SQL directly. FlowFields are calculated once and are stored on the mobile device in normal, static fields. The calculation formular is not available on the mobile device due to too many records that could be required for calculation. Furthermore, the calculation itself could take too long on a mobile device.

Photos and pictures should be stored in JPG format only using a low resolution. We recommend to create a new BLOB field in Dynamics with reduced resolution just for Anveo Mobile App, like 500×500 pixel in maximum. Resolution of new photos taken with Anveo Mobile App can be reduced before storing in local database and before sending to Dynamics.

Charset in Text Fields

BLOB fields may contain files like pictures and text in Dynamics. If you use a BLOB field for a (long) text, its data must be converted between Dynamics and Anveo Mobile App due to different charsets. Please set the property Contains Text in your field to Yes. It is not possible and not required to use this property for normal Code and Text fields. If you use a BLOB field for files like pictures, do not set this property to Yes.

Resend FlowFields

A FlowField will be recalculated and resent to the mobile device by modifying the main record or by marking that record to be resent (without changing the record). For example: the field Inventory will be resent after modifying the Item record or marking that record with an Anveo Management function RECALCFIELDS. But it will not be resent by adding new Item Ledger Entries. This automatic recalculation is not possible due to too many updates for the mobile device that causes in long synchronizations.

If you want to have frequent updates on the FlowFields you can define them as online fields. Find more information about online fields below.

Code 1: Example to resend FlowFields of item 10000.

The data will be sent to all Anveo App Users that have the records within the data filter of their sync. packages.

The function RECALCFIELDS requires Anveo AddIns.

Online Fields

The Online Fields feature can be used for fields that contain time critical values such as stock calculations. Online Fields can be displayed on cards and lists. They will be automatically updated in the app independent of synchronization. Every field in a synchronization package can be defined as an online field by checking the corresponding box. You will also need to set the field to define when an Online Field value will need to be refreshed. The minimum value is 10 seconds.

There are 3 different online field scenarios:

  • Fielde Type: Field | Field Class: Normal – Field Value from Dynamics will be updated
  • Fielde Type: Field | Field Class: FlowField – FlowField will be calculated and updated to the app
  • Fielde Type: Virtual Field | Field Class: Normal – Field Value is calculated via C/AL Code in the ACF App Events CU

Data that is up to date is marked with a green indicator next to the field content on the app. After the Online Field  data is expired the indicator will change its value to red. Only visible online fields will be updated if expired. If you scroll f.e. in a list you might see that the online fields in the new record will just be updated as you scroll.

Data is updated via a TCP channel. The data to be updated needs to be lean so bigdata such as BLOBS should not be defined as live fields.