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Process Data Changes on Device

All received data from mobile device will be processed in exactly the same chronological order as typed into the mobile device. Every change of data, new data or deletion will be processed on Dynamics tables using Web Services during synchronization.

Data Changes by User

All changes done by the user on cards or lists run the following commands in Dynamics: VALIDATEINSERT(true), MODIFY(true) and DELETE(true). This way your code in your tables will be executed as well.

Due to processing data using Dynamics Web Services,  some features are not available and might require some changes in your table triggers. Find more information here.

Data Changes by Anveo Script

If you use Anveo Script for adding, changing or deleting data, you can decide if you want to run Dynamics table triggers during a synchronization process. The use of SETVALUE versus VALIDATE decides if you want to run the OnValidate-trigger, MODIFY(false) versus MODIFY(true) decides if you want to run the table trigger OnModify. Same for OnInsert and OnDelete. Furthermore, these parameters define whether you want to run your local Anveo Mobile App Triggers.

[[ Do not run VALIDATE trigger. Equals Rec.Name := 'new Name'; ]]
Rec:SETVALUE('Name', 'new Name');

[[ Run VALIDATE trigger. Equals Rec.VALIDATE('Name', 'new Name'); ]]
Rec:VALIDATE('Name', 'new Name');

[[ Do not run OnModify trigger. Equals Rec.MODIFY(false); ]]

[[ Run OnModify trigger. Equals Rec.MODIFY(true); ]]
Code 2: Anveo Script Example to Control Triggers